I wasn’t able to take a photo in time for last weeks theme but I wanted to take part in it. This is my sexual confession:
When we last met up, I had a dress on. As soon as we got in the car I took off my panties and gave them to him to hold on to. Then we went out to eat lunch.

When we got back to my house, we didn’t last long with keeping our hands off each other. All it took were kisses and touches from him and I was dripping down my thighs. My lack of underwear made it impossible to hide what he was doing to me. But still, we went as slow as we could stand, delaying the moment. There is only one first time and we both wanted to savor it.

Every moment of anticipation, the waiting, the teasing, it was all worth it. 

Love, ESD

Sweet ESD, as if you couldn’t get sexier?! This made my mouth salivate - you described the yearning and teasing perfectly. I’m so glad to hear it was all worth it. 

Jacs Fishburne by Joe M/tmedia

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Literally perfect.

Desk Job // Theresa Manchester for Miss Lonely Vol. 1
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Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow Pose) with straight legs. Been a busy few weeks but now I haveva week off! Relaxing. #UrdhvaDhanurasana #100daysofyoga #Day10 #Yoga

A two-headed snapping turtle has been discovered at the Northeast Ark Turtle Farm, in Amagon, Arkansas, in a shipment of 30,000 of the reptiles shipped from China. A state biologist has said turtle mutations are rare, but are becoming more common. Workers at the farm have previously discovered a hatchling with one neck and two heads, but that died at birth.